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The winter months can be exciting, fun and even nostalgic, especially around Christmas time. One down side of this period though is the constant cold weather and dark nights, which is why we love to keep our homes warm and cosy. This is important not only for the comfort of everybody living there or visiting, but to stave off colds and coughs. Whichever type of heating system you have, gas central heating, open fires or an oil fired boiler, you should get your abode winter ready.

Your body’s ability to fight illness and infection is impacted by the cold. Did you know that the minimum temperature for your home in winter, as recommended by the Met Office is 18 degrees centigrade? This becomes essential where there are elderly, very young occupants or those will pre existing medical conditions. There is also the risk of escalating damp and mould growth, bad for your health and the structure of the building.

Insulation is a major requirement in most homes with UK type climates, check your loft for insulation, to see if you have any and if so if it needs replacing. This will prevent warmth from escaping out through the roof. Gaps in floorboards can also be an issue and are best sealed or covered with rugs. Thermal leak detectors, can be purchased and work well at finding problem areas. Thick, lined curtains are great for retaining heat in your rooms and simple things like draught excluders are also pretty efficient at blocking cold air.

Check that pipes are not damaged and consider insulating them to avoid them freezing up. Roof tiles should be given the once over to see they are not missing or cracked. Bleed radiators so that they perform properly, and set a timer on your heating.

Stock up on heating oil if this is your main source of heating, once you have a good amount in your tank, you can relax. Order high quality home heating oil online in minutes from The Wise Oil Company.

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