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New Wise Oil Company Website

Home Heating Oil Delivery, Fast, Low Priced, Online Fuel Delivery Northern Ireland

Welcome to the new website of The Wise Oil Company.

We are specialists in Heating Oil Online Order Deliveries. What could be simpler than visiting our Online Ordering page, checking out our highly competitive prices and placing your order online for quick and efficient delivery.
Most of us are now comfortable with transacting online. We buy groceries, clothes, tax our car and pay our electricity bills online, so why not buy your oil the same way – and save yourself some money in the process..!!

Highly Efficient Oil Delivery Process.
We take your order online, collect your oil from the Belfast terminal and deliver it direct to your tank. You don’t even need to be at home when we deliver. Simply leave our driver access to your oil storage tank, he will leave you a digital, metered delivery ticket, showing exactly when he called and how much he delivered.

New Mobile Friendly Website
Our website is a Mobile Friendly design. This means that whether you are viewing it on a desktop, laptop, tablet or a mobile phone, the website will automatically adjust itself to present perfectly, on any device. So you can order your oil from us ‘On The Go’ – on the bus, on the train, at work, in McDonald’s – or even in the bar..!!

Order Oil Now
Please visit our Online Order Page now, we are ready to receive your order.

Low Price Online Order Oil Deliveries for Northern Ireland

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